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"Stop the Towers Ealing" is a collaboration of residents and groups across Ealing who are concerned about and are fighting the overdevelopment of our once green borough. Founded by Save Gurnell, Ealing Matters and Stop The Towers.


We have started this website as a central hub dedicated to the overdevelopment that has been happening in recent years and which shows no sign of stopping. We are not opposed to all development, however it must be well designed, sustainable, actually affordable and built for the benefit of people who need it. 


Please go to the Around Ealing pages for information on developments in your area and across the borough.  Our team of "Red Block Rebels" are busy producing more of the iconic red towers so watch this space for more of those!


Please join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter to join the conversation and stay up to date with news on upcoming developments, consultations and planning applications – knowledge is power.


There's so much going on that it's impossible for us to keep on top of everything so please share details of any developments that you become aware of and updates on those in progress. 



Thank you for visiting!

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